As an upcoming gospel duo, twin brother and sister, Ricardo and Ruthy Peña came onto the music scene with a true desire to serve God and share His LOVE with others through song. Growing up with humble beginnings, born and raised in the Bronx, New York in a family of four of Dominican-born parents their home was sure to be filled with one of many things – music. Ricardo and Ruthy began singing in their local church at the tender age of four, although their mother recalls them singing sweet melodies way before they could even walk. Throughout the years they have both developed a deep love for God but studying music only broadened their passion to pursue it more seriously. Their distinctive soulful sound and pervasive worship gives those around them the freedom to enter in and infectiously flow in God’s presence. Their musical style includes elements of gospel, contemporary and soul with a Spanish flair. In spite of how cliché it may sound, they are truly a dynamic duo ready to make an impact in this generation.

Currently they are working on their very first album in both English and Spanish and are anticipating independently releasing it at the top of 2015. Each song has a theme of love that reveals the different ways of expressing God’s love – His love towards us, our love towards Him, and our love towards one another. They hope this album will make an impact on the hearts of many and encourage those to draw closer to Him. Their goal is for people to hear the transparency of their heartbeats with these love songs and draw those listening to know and experience that “God loves YOU.” With worship in the forefront, they are merely scratching the surface and hope to present their artistry to the world, full steam ahead positioning them to bring change everywhere they go as messengers of hope.